American Supply Paris | Polyester Warm Gold
Polyester Warm Gold is a glossy mirror polyester, with metallized effect, made by American Supply.
Applied/Laminated,Glossy,Gold,Gold Metallic Polyester,materials,Mirror,Metallized,Metal / Metallized / Mirror
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Polyester Warm Gold

Process family: Applied/Laminated
Composition: Polyester
Format: Roll
Size: 74 cm width
Thickness: 0,20 mm
Color: Gold

Available in 36 colors

The back has a moiré effect under artificial light


February 11, 2016


Applied / Laminated, Families, Glossy, Materials, Metal / Metallized / Mirror

Applied/Laminated, Glossy, Gold, Gold Metallic Polyester, materials, Metal / Metallized / Mirror, Metallized, Mirror