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American Supply creates the materials luxury businesses need to unleash their creativity, and inspire love for their brand. We work passionately alongside our clients to conceive and create store windows and merchandising solutions that embody their identity.
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From the Gallery to the Runway

Fashion’s long-standing relationship with art is well documented, but rarely has it been in such perfect symbiosis as now. With an increasingly inclusive attitude towards art in fashion and vice versa (even in the most commercial of environments), it is becoming more and more common to see heavy hitting blue-chip artists collaborating with luxury apparel and accessory businesses. The zenith was arguably Jeff Koons for Louis Vuitton last year, a veritable Clash of the Titans, which solidified their respective household-name statuses. 

Jeff Koons for Louis Vuitton 2017

Dior Homme’s pre-fall2019 collection that was recently shown in Tokyo, featured a monumental robot sculpture by Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, a favorite of their new creative director Kim Jones. Sorayama has collaborated with a number of streetwear labels in the past, and his first high fashion collaboration was with Juun J in2016, but this was a whole different scale. The gargantuan fembot was lit up with lasers and acted as the centerpiece for Dior Homme’s futuristic vision of menswear for pre-fall 2019. Over at Valentino, who also showed in Tokyo for the first time, their pre-fall 2019 collection featured both men’s and women’s (another first) in a stark concrete industrial space. The environment was far removed from the romantic polish of the clothes, and the brand’s universe, a technique common in the cannon of the art worlds visual vocabulary, that served to elevate the collection. Alongside the show artisans and artists were invited to decorate Valentino’s Ginza store by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, including master origamists Kyohei Katsuta and Satoshi Kamiya who used the infamous Valentino red paper to create a menagerie of fantastic beasts.

No current conversation about art and fashion would be complete without mentioning Raf Simons’collaborative relationship with artist Sterling Ruby – one of the most celebrated symbiotic relationships in either industry. Beginning with a textile collaboration in 2012 for Dior under Simons’ directorship, and following with a full collection in 2014 for Simons’ eponymous label which saw him rebranding all of the garment labels for a season and continuing to this present day with Simons’ appointment at the helm of Calvin Klein. He has recently invited Ruby to exhibit his work in and reimagine the interiors of the Calvin Klein flagship stores and headquarters globally.

Raf Simons / Sterling Ruby AW 14

Last, but certainly not least, JW Anderson is fast becoming the go-to darling for the art-set, with his numerous forays into arts and craft including the introduction of the Loewe Craft prize in 2017 that supports ceramicists and handicraft specialists around the world. For his current limited edition straight-to-market AW18 capsule collection, he collaborated with celebrated London art duo Gilbert and George on a number of desirable separates and accessories featuring their iconic imagery. Destined to adorn many a gallery visitor and fashionista in the coming months, it serves as a perfectly wearable solution to this burgeoning trend. 

Andy Warhol’s « Shadows » that features in the slideshow was presented by the Dia Foundation at Calvin Klein’s New York HQ from October 26 to December 15, 2018, in concurrence with the Warhol retrospective (Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again) at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Luminous Mystic

For every one of us that’s ever dreamed of the mystical Aurora Borealis off the Norwegian coast, it’s not hard to understand the allure of natural phenomenon rooted in the supernatural and mysticism. And it is precisely this junction, the meeting of magic and flower, fairytale and fact, and the unnerving exhilaration that you feel watching the mist roll over the Scottish highlands, that has informed our first moods and primary research into new materials for the holiday season, 2019.

If you would like to request any samples of the materials shown, or be kept up to date with the new developments for the 2019 holiday season, email us

Atelier Lebuisson

Broderie florale réalisée par les Atelier Le Buisson, fleurs découpées en « TOUCH » Blanc posées sur Tulle.

La parfaite matité de « TOUCH » en contraste sur ce fond arachnéen apporte fraicheur et douceur.

Hypnotic Carpet Summer Party

La soirée a été un succès avec la chanteuse Adah, Dj Jean Croc, Champagne, une variété de hors-d’œuvre et de délicieuses friandises et tous nos merveilleux invités.

L’inspiration derrière le thème Hypnotic Carpet provient d’une forme de camouflage utilisée pendant les deux guerres mondiales appelé Dazzle. L’intention du camouflage n’était pas de dissimuler, mais plutôt de rendre difficile pour l’adversaire de mesurer la distance à la cible. American Supply a recréé l’imprimé Dazzle sur les tapis afin de détourner la perception des invités du sol. Des stelles en PMMA ainsi que des diamants recouverts du matériau “Magic Mirror” d’American Supply ont été créés pour accentuer davantage l’effet du tapis et le rendre encore plus Hypnotique.


Vivement l’année prochaine 😉

Hypnotic Carpet – l’Exposition Design et Matériaux de Création

Prepare to be Mesmerized…
Attention, le pass sera demandé à l’entrée !!

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
Aldous Huxley

Accordez-vous d’oublier vos certitudes et de redécouvrir le monde comme lorsque vous étiez enfant, de laisser venir à vous toutes ces questions qui vous ont tant agité un jour, il n’y a pas si longtemps…

Ce voyage aux frontières du réel et du chimérique vous tend la main, il vous invite à refaire vos premiers pas sur le tapis magique de la perception.

Diamants magiques et prismes de couleurs incertaines, vitrines en transe, cabinet des images perdues…

Au sortir de cette fête magique, de nouvelles perceptions ajouteront de la magie à votre expérience, riches d’un vocabulaire de matériaux qui parlent aux sens et à l’imaginaire.

Take a ticket to ride !