The World is Beautiful

Photo Credit: Portrait of Kenzo Takada courtesy K-3



“Le Monde est Beau”

Kenzo Takada


It was with sadness that we learnt the passing of Kenzo Takada due to Covid-19 complications in Paris on October 4th at the age of 81. He leaves behind him a beautiful legacy of positivity, color, and joy, bolstered by the mantra of his 1988 perfume: ‘Le Monde est Beau’ (The World is Beautiful). In current times, with the global political situation in disarray, the ongoing epidemic, and uncertainty for all, we need positive spirits like the celebrated designer more than ever.

Takado, later known simply as Kenzo, came to Paris in 1964 and was one of the first Japanese designers to achieve success in the capital. With his love of mismatched print, bold color, and jungle imagery, he opened his first jungle-themed store in 1970 taking inspiration from the Henri Rousseau painting; ‘The Dream’ (1910).



As an energetic young designer, he was instrumental in the creation of the ready-to-wear and modern runway, liberating the models from the staid number based presentations that were dominant before him. Kenzo made no secret of his love for nightlife and was one of the first to bring the party to the runway!



Selling his namesake brand to LVMH in 1999, and leaving the helm 6 years later, he remained a quintessential figure in contemporary fashion inspiring many young designers, with both his attitude and his style.

Our in-house creative team has chosen a few materials from our selection to honor Kenzo Takada, with colors and transformations that we think he would have enjoyed: ‘Le monde est beau’ indeed!




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