A Post-Plastic Future

Israeli-born designer Shahar Livne’s ongoing research has seen her develop a material she calls Lithoplast, a clay-like hybrid substance that she imagines future generations mining from deep within the plastic-filled layers of our future planet. Backing up her theory with geological research, she maintains that plastic needs to be considered as a future precious material that will be mined and extracted in the same way as we extract clay today.


“​In a post-plastic future, where the only place to extract petroleum-based plastics will be from nature in a new hybrid form, plastics will regain a new value, far beyond the way we see it in our current time.” Livne claims.


Livne has turned her future plastic-relics into fossil-like jewellery for Balenciaga’s upcoming Fall 2021 collection, taking inspiration from their Creative Director Demna Gvasalia’s declaration:


“the comeback of youth, where nature and youth co-exist” 


For Balenciaga she created the basic forms first using Lithoplast and then scanned them with a 3D scanner. The digital objects were then 3D printed using a mixture of Ocean Plastic and calcium carbonate, before being hand finished using artisanal jewellery techniques. Showcased in Balenciaga’s ‘Afterworld’ video game presentation for Fall 2021, they will be available in store next autumn. 

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