Knitting with Glass

This month #asloves the ‘Soft Silica‘ project by Sarah Roseman, a recent graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, whose materiality lies somewhere in-between textile and glasswork …
Her process involves heating glass fibres until they are in a soft enough state to knit and weave, before creating complex patterns and shapes, experimenting with various knitting techniques.


The material is brought to life and appears to be frozen in time, capturing the way glass melts in a static object through with the tactility of a textile. The project currently consists of glass tapestries and sculptural vessels as well as an extensive and ever growing archive of samples. It is a continuing glass research that evolves and develops with each iteration, to find future possibilities and applications for this exciting new material.

Sarah Roseman, on her website


We couldn’t agree more! The final results are magical, strange and above all innovative.

Photos: all images © Sarah Roseman