Outside of the Box

We always champion unexpected uses of materials and out-of-the-box thinking. This month #asloves the concept shoes created by British fashion designer Craig Green, as part of his ongoing collaboration with Adidas Originals. 


For the first concept shoe, Green re-imagined the classic Adidas Stan Smith. He wanted to create a shoe that had the feel of the Stan Smith whilst disguising its unmistakable looks. His solution was remarkable! He made a cast of the classic Stan Smith shoe on the interior, and the exterior became a bulbous form, leaving only the perforated stripes as a visual memory of the iconic design.

So, actually, you don’t ever really see the original shoe or all of the details associated with it, but your foot experiences them. We left the three stripe perforations on the external of the cast, which not only maintained that key detail, but was functional, as it allowed the foot to breathe.” Green, Interviewed by Sam Cole for High Snobiety 


For the second concept shoe, Green researched diving equipment and uniforms. He reimagined a vintage divers shoe in natural and black latex, complete with pump, foot treads and Adidas logo. These shoes were produced in a latex dip-moulding factory, that specializes in the production of medical and diving suits. 

These concept shoes will not be available for commercial sales, but Green has also developed several commercial Adidas Originals that reimagined the classic Stan Smith.

Quote courtesy High Snobiety

Images: Dan Tobin Smith for Adidias