heidi & Kyoto

Heidi and Kyoto are two new eco-conceived wood-effect sheet materials, with adhesive backing, composed of decorative paper laminated onto wooden cardboard, they are both sustainable and 100% recyclable.


Heidi has the appearance of natural light oak timber, and Kyoto resembles the charred shou sugi ban wood treatment from Japan. With their lifelike authentic wood-effect surface finishes they can be used to replace wood panelling in all decorative applications for a more sustainable finish. The surfaces are treated to be scratch resistant, making it suitable for interior applications. Though the material has a slight thickness, of 1,35mm, including support, it gives the effect of real solid wood cladding. Both Heidi and Kyoto are available in large-size plaques and the connection between adhered plaques is joint-free, without expansion, due to the thickness of the composite.


Heidi and Kyoto are available in large self-adhesive plaque format, 2600 mm x 1000 mm, and with a weight of 2,2 Kg (plaque). They are both FSC® certified and resistant up to 50 degrees temperature.


Heidi and Kyoto are ideally suited to interior decoration, PLV, windows, photoshoots and backdrops. Due to their lightweight nature, they can also be used in packaging and object design, to replace traditional wood applications.

The surface texture is almost identical to real wood ...


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: Paper / FSC® Cardboard
Format: Plaque
Width: 260 cm x 100 cm
Thickness: 1,35 mm

Weight: 2.2 kg (Plaque)
Colour: Natural & Black

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