Our Story


Why ‘American’?

What do we ‘Supply’?

How do we do it?

American Supply was founded in 1948 by a French visionary living in New York, mesmerised by the burgeoning material innovation industry and imported it to Europe.
Our headquarters are now in Paris, France: American Supply is a mid-century success story!

For creatives & designers globally, American Supply stands for Innovative, Different & Unique Materials!

We have over 10,000 material references in our database and a dedicated team of creative and engineering experts on site. Our patented Material Organ® at your disposition in our showroom is the tool to Decrypt your Creative Ideas & Find the Perfect Material Match.
It organizes a core selection of materials into manufacturing process families, revealing their Essence and global Transformative Potential.

Across a full range of Design Applications, we provide unparalleled Sustainable Material Solutions & focus on eco-innovative practices with a keen eye to the future, offering new cutting-edge eco-friendly materials* & durable technical solutions.

We design and manufacture the Marketing Environments of Tomorrow with a strong bond between Your Brand, Your Customers, Your Stores & Your Story.

*those that strain the environment as little as possible during their production, use, transformation, and, or disposal.

Our unique Material Expertise helps
you to DeMaterialize your brand…
Use Less Material & Make More Sense!