The American Supply Material Collections

The American Supply material collection offer is now 25% eco-conscious, to help you with your dedicated sustainable material research. Our collections are invaluable additions to any discerning Materiotheque and are available in three distinct formats. They are packaged in exclusive American Supply binders, housed in gold embossed American Supply Cubes to keep them in order.


Our first offer is The Classic Collection, which segments our iconic materials into their process families – Applied / Laminated, Coated / Projected, Extruded / Calendered, Pressed / Cast, Relief / 3D Effect and Woven / Braided. This makes it easier to discern the varied manufacturing processes behind their creation and aids your imagination to understand the possibilities of combining and transforming them. At the end of the year, a thirteenth binder is sent to you, containing the 12 Material of the Month samples.

The American Supply Classic Collection is composed of 12 binders in 3 American Supply Cubes, containing 140 materials. Our 6 manufacturing process families are divided into 2 binders each. At the end of the year, in December, a thirteenth binder will be sent with all 12 Material of the Month in a bonus binder of new materials. The American Supply Classic Collection contains 152 materials.

Our second offer is the Eco-Collection which classifies our most recent research into the following eco-categories: Recycled, Recyclable, Eco-Conception & NaturalThe Eco-Collection is composed of 4 binders in one American Supply Cube.

Each binder contains 10 -12 materials, chosen by our creative team that reflect our ongoing eco-conscious research. The Eco-Collection contains 50 materials in 4 binders housed in 1 American Supply cube.

Our final offer is The American Supply Full Collection, combining The Classic Collection and The Eco-Collection together in a complete package, giving you access to 25% eco-conscious materials. This option gives you all the tools you need to understand the American Supply materials, and gives you first-hand access to our latest material research, revealing the material’s potential and transformative possibilities.

The American Supply Classic Collection as above – Contains 140 materials and the Eco-Collection containing 50 Materials. A total of 16 binders in 4 American Supply Cubes, with 190 materials.

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