Recycled and Renewed

Our new 2021 Eco-Collection segments a curated selection of our eco material offer into four key categories: Recycled, Recyclable, Eco-Concept, and Natural.


This month, we look at Recycled materials, focusing on the textile potential of Recycled PET. 

The recycling process for PET is circular, as once the new PET items have served their purpose or come to the end of a reasonable lifespan, they can enter back into the recycling system.


In our library we have many textiles composed of 100% Recycled PET, here are some of our favorites:

MEGA FEUTRE A high density (1020 gr/m2) felted textile, with a sculptural rigidity.
POLY-POP A lightweight fine weave brut canvas, with a strong color palette.
TOILUX A heavy (380 gr/m2) double-faced canvas.  The front face has a larger weave than the reverse.
DENIMLIKE A lightweight washed woven denim-like twill, with a soft touch.
DUCHESSE A heavy single-faced satin-twill on twill support, with a soft touch and a pleasing shine.
CHARENTE A mid-weight (180 gr/m2) mottled felted textile, with a supple hand and a variable surface.

Contact us if you are interested in any of these new materials.

Wood Grain Foam!

This month American Supply Loves the wood grain effect foam furniture collection ‘seam of skin’ by Japanese designer, Chiaki Yoshihara. Using a unique artisanal handmade process, she transforms blocks of polystyrene insulating foam into one-off design objects! Enjoy her video below to see the whole process, and discover her technique!

Story of the Month
Luxury Fashion Cafés on the Rise …

The luxury fashion café is not a new phenomenon, the original, « Le Café Blanc » was established by Marie Courregès, daughter of Coqueline Courregès next to their Paris boutique on François 1er, in 1996. And, like everything the Courregès dynasty created, it was revolutionary! 


It should come as no surprise, after the year we’ve had, that the idea is returning at a time when people want to feel a stronger physical connection to their preferred brand – the luxury fashion café environment is, after all, one of ultimate fandom. One need only to look at the role branding plays in the napkins, swizzle sticks, cups, glasses, plates… The possibilities are endless for the fashion fan in our social media savvy world.

The first Saint Laurent Café opened during Paris fashion week in 2019. A perfect exercise in top-to-toe branding, with minute attention to detail. The interior mirrors the Saint Laurent retail concept perfectly, with black surfaces, black and white marble, neons, and black logo branded cups and bottle openers, plus, the promise of a new playlist weekly from creative director Anthony Vaccarello for free via a QR code download! Its location, just behind their store on Faubourg Honoré, promises foot traffic from the shoppers heading to the Jardin des Tuileries for a well-deserved coffee break…
After the phenomenal Insta-success of the Fendi pop-up café on the fifth floor of Harrods, a collaboration with Guatemalan-American artist Joshua Vides, also in 2019, Harrods welcomed the first Tiffany’s Blue Box Café pop-up in Europe in 2020. The original Blue Box Café opened in 2018 in New York, and after the acquisition of Tiffany’s by LVMH was finalized earlier this year, it is surely only a matter of time before a more permanent Blue Box Café opens up in Europe!
One of the newest luxury fashion cafés comes from LVMH who opened its first Louis Vuitton café – Café V – in February this year, in their new Osaka flagship store designed by Jun Aoki. A remarkable building that references the city’s historical shipping trade, by cladding the exterior in symbolic ship sails. The café is invite-only for customers of the brand, giving it, even more, fashion-fan-FOMO, and sits on the top of the building with a magnificent terrace. Above the bar are fluttering sheets of dichroic material that bring to mind our iconic Magic Mirror film, whilst referencing Aoki’s new Tokyo flagship for Vuitton, which is clad in undulating dichroic water-shaped glass tiles.
Exclusivity is something that will always appeal to lovers of luxury – if something is difficult to get, we couldn’t desire it more! The idyllic Café V environment is sure to appeal to the Tokyo-ite as a perfect luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of the city below.
Browns London is the latest luxury brand to launch a café, having just opened their brand new concept store in London’s Brook Street, entrusting the café to Native, to house the Native at Browns. Native are renowned for their wild approach to food, with a propensity to forage for ingredients and a forward-thinking zero-waste policy. This goes to the core of fashion’s important sustainable discourse, serving nose-to-tail in a space decorated with sustainable practice in mind. We can’t wait to visit and see what’s on the wild menu!


The luxury fashion café interior is the perfect place to instill the material identity of the brand and embodies this concept via the food, the packaging, the furniture and the architecture. In our increasingly image driven world, especially after a drought of real lived-experiences, the luxury fashion café could be the perfect environment for loyal fans of brands to experience the unique luxury vision of their preferred luxury fashion house.

Here is a small selection of materials that we offer for this kind of environment, tailored towards hospitality applications, eco-conception, and the constraints required for this kind of business – note the individual images can be clicked on for more information – Do not hesitate to contact us for your material identity research, we will be happy to help you translate and materialize your creative vision.

Story of the Month
à la Mode

Seana Gavin collages, ‘Mindful Mushroom’ & ‘Model Mushroom’ shown in Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi‘ at Somerset House, London, July – September, 2020. Images courtesy of the artist.

Mushrooms have been forming under the surface of luxury trends for a while now, with fashion houses picking them as visuals including Paul Smith, Gucci, Fiorucci, Stüssy, Marc Jacobs and Loewe. Forever fascinating, and eternally misunderstood, the fungi family are inspirational for many reasons, not just for their alien appearance and psychotropic properties!


Mycelium, the vegetative part of the fungus, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae, has been forming on the headlines this month as an emerging bio-based material!

Mycelium, the thread-like vegetative part of a fungus (image courses GETTY Images)

On March 11th, when luxury house Hermes announced they were to begin using the bio-fabricated leather solution Fine Mycelium™ – a material they developed in collaboration with Myco Works, California, over the last three years – it was a clear sign that bio-fabricated leather alternatives were being accepted by the luxury industry. Myco Works’ ‘Sylvania’ material is fabricated in California, with custom-grown mycelium that is finely tuned for fullness and the highest performance standards, before being tanned and finished in French ateliers by the Hermes artisans to their unique specification. The first item to be made using ‘Sylvania’, the classic Victoria Bag, will be available to purchase by the end of 2021.

Reishi Fine Mycelium, a premium, biofabricated leather solution by Myco Works. (photos courtesy Myco Works)

“MycoWorks’ vision and values echo those of Hermès: a strong fascination with natural raw material and its transformation, a quest for excellence, with the aim of ensuring that objects are put to their best use and that their longevity is maximized. With Sylvania, Hermès is at the heart of what it has always been: innovation in the making.” Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermès Artistic Director


A week later, on March 17th, sustainable pioneer Stella McCartney, renowned for her refusal to use leather and animal-derived products in her designs, announced her own mycelium-based range, using Mylo.

Stella McCartney x Mylo™️ garments (photos courtesy Stella McCartney)

In 2016 McCartneybegan a pioneering collaboration with Bolt Threads in California, which has resulted in the bio un-leather ‘Mylo’. At first, it was a rather stiff material, which they used to create a Mylo prototype of her Falabella bag for the Victoria & Albert Museum’s “Fashioned From Nature” exhibit in 2018. Last Fall she brought on board Kering, Adidas and Lululemon to invest in Bolt Threads and now she releases the first pieces of ready to wear mycelium-based leather pieces, using a newer, softer, version of Mylo.


These rare, exclusive Mylo™️ pieces embody our shared commitment with Bolt Threads to innovate a kinder fashion industry – one that sees the birth of beautiful, luxurious materials as opposed to the deaths of our fellow creatures and planet.Stella McCartney

Mylo un-leather (photos courtesy Mylo)

This is surely just the beginning of the mycelium bio-fabricated biotech material revolution … To see a selection of our eco-materials, click this link !

40 years of Memphis!

The Memphis Group emerged in the winter of 1980/81 when a group of young designers eager to break away from industrial design formed around the celebrated Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass. Presenting their first collection in Milan’s Arc’74 gallery in September 1981 they quickly garnered the attention of the international press with their garish colours, bold patterns and celebration of pop and post-modernism. They wanted to test and break the limits of bad taste and reached infamy in 1982 when Karl Lagerfeld decorated his Monte Carlo apartment entirely in Memphis designs, just one year before showing his debut collection as creative director at Chanel in Paris.
Disbanding in 1987, after only 7 years of intense work, their impact is still being felt today in the interior design world. There has been a huge demand in the last 10 years for coveted Sottsass and Memphis Group pieces.


Here at American Supply, we have admired the work of the Memphis Group for some time, their unusual use of materials and daring speaks to us. During the FIAC art week in 2015, we created a Sottsass inspired bookcase from ultra-high-density foam in bi-colour, referencing his Carlton bookcase and Casablanca sideboard, for Maroussia Rebecq’s exhibition ‘UP-CYCLED ART, Eloge de l’Emprunt’ at Le Coeur gallery in Paris. For us, the Carlton bookcase is one of the defining products of the Memphis Group, and we were very happy to pay homage to it.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Memphis Group, the Vitra Design Museum Gallery in Weil am Rhein, Germany, is showcasing iconic pieces, from all of the Memphis Group designers, with drawings and historical ephemera. This is a rare opportunity to see this many Memphis pieces up close, so thankfully the exhibition will run until January 2022.


In the words of the Italian design critic, and wife of Ettore Sottsass, Barbara Radice:


Memphis was started with the idea of changing the face of international design, and it chose the most effective, direct and hazardous way to do so

Visit the museum’s website to plan your visit.

A Post-Plastic Future

Israeli-born designer Shahar Livne’s ongoing research has seen her develop a material she calls Lithoplast, a clay-like hybrid substance that she imagines future generations mining from deep within the plastic-filled layers of our future planet. Backing up her theory with geological research, she maintains that plastic needs to be considered as a future precious material that will be mined and extracted in the same way as we extract clay today.


“​In a post-plastic future, where the only place to extract petroleum-based plastics will be from nature in a new hybrid form, plastics will regain a new value, far beyond the way we see it in our current time.” Livne claims.


Livne has turned her future plastic-relics into fossil-like jewellery for Balenciaga’s upcoming Fall 2021 collection, taking inspiration from their Creative Director Demna Gvasalia’s declaration:


“the comeback of youth, where nature and youth co-exist” 


For Balenciaga she created the basic forms first using Lithoplast and then scanned them with a 3D scanner. The digital objects were then 3D printed using a mixture of Ocean Plastic and calcium carbonate, before being hand finished using artisanal jewellery techniques. Showcased in Balenciaga’s ‘Afterworld’ video game presentation for Fall 2021, they will be available in store next autumn. 

Our 2021

American Supply was founded in 1948 by a French visionary living in New York mesmerized by the burgeoning material innovation industry. In keeping with our dedication to innovation, we provide unparalleled sustainable eco-innovative material solutions with a keen eye to the future, offering new and cutting-edge materials and material expertise to our clients in anticipation of their needs.


Following our 2019 Sustainability Report commitment, we are delighted to announce that our collection offer for 2021 is now 25% eco-focussed with the introduction of the American Supply 2021 Eco-Collection


In 2020 a new tendency emerged within luxury commerce towards pre-ordering, to drive brands sustainable practice further, discouraging deadstock and promoting a slower form of consumption. This enables luxury houses to work with local producers and gives the customer a more direct experience, with an added dash of anticipation! 


The 2021 Eco-Collection is 250 € HT (300 € TTC) for 4 binders in one AS Cube. Each binder contains 10 -12 materials, chosen carefully by our creative team. 


Order the American Supply 2021 Eco-Collection now !


To aid your sustainable research, we have identified four eco-conscious categories to order the collection: Recycled, Recyclable, Eco-Concept & Natural.


All materials in the Recycled category are made entirely from domestic or industrial waste.

Our focus materials: Creafoam, Asphalt & Ubiplast.



All materials in the Recyclable category are mono-material and entirely recyclable. 

Our focus materials: PU Gel, Carton Lace & Air Noodles.



All materials in the Eco-Concept category are conceived with an eco-conscious approach and respect for the production process. 

Our focus materials: Roche, Souple P15 & Color Cork



All materials in the Natural category are composed of entirely natural elements. 

Our focus materials: Caoutchouc Color, Tefna & Banana Flex


To pre-order the American Supply 2021 Eco-Collection for the promotional price of 150 € HT (180 € TTC) instead of 250 € HT (300 € TTC) CLICK HERE !

Story of the Month
For Change

“Resilience is the ability of a material to absorb energy when it is deformed elastically”

If we do not have the desire to fundamentally change our behavior after going through this pandemic, we would essentially be withdrawing ourselves from our natural environment completely.

Re-Leather & Re-Leather SS: Eco-innovative leather alternatives composed of waste leather and natural latex.

In the past, we mastered the manipulation of materials, but going forwards we must concentrate on listening to them in order to communicate with their spirit and begin the restoration of their body: isn’t the essence of this experience intended to change the course of our emotions and instill meaning to our future commitments?


With our eco-innovative materials, we provide the means to remarkable, unique, and memorable user experiences. Together we can be the messengers of a more ethical commerce – where symbiosis takes precedence over exploitation, communication over consumption, and respect over indifference.

Paper Jeans: A fully recycled paper-like material made from pulped denim fabric fibers and post-consumer paper pulp.