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American Supply creates the materials luxury businesses need to unleash their creativity, and inspire love for their brand. We work passionately alongside our clients to conceive and create store windows and merchandising solutions that embody their identity.
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Story of the Month
Visions of Spring

It’s finally time to start packing away our knitwear, coats and heavy outerwear in storage, as we embrace the longer brighter days and begin to repopulate the terraces of the cafés. The temperature is rising, and so are our spirits, revitalized by the new possibilities of spring. We decided to visit Rue Saint Honoré – one of the best shopping districts in Paris and home to some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques – to see what magic their spring windows had to offer.

Recreation Carpet

At first glance, it seems like the word recreation simply means to remake something, and in one sense it does; we are recreating our world. In experiencing recreation, we are also re-creating ourselves.



noun: recreation; plural noun: recreations; noun: re-creation; plural noun: re-creations

  1. activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.
  2. the action or process of creating something again.

The root of the word recreation, as the original Latin word recreare implies, is to refresh and renew.

For our Recreation Carpet event, we will celebrate both the fun and the essentiality in the word, focussing on the joy in creation, and in recreating collectively.

Working with exclusive material resources, cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, and distinguished press partners, we will celebrate the infinite potential of re-working and re-creating materials for a sustainable future, together.
Our summer event is always a highlight on the calendar, as we showcase innovative and forward-thinking luxury solutions to our industry for the first time. Save June 27th in your diary, to experience some real recreation time with us.

Our partners for this event include 3A Composites & Formes de Luxe


In our material library, we hold many different colors and iterations of ribboned PVC / PE Stripping in bobbins of varying thicknesses and weights. They are commonly used for weaving, trimming, embroidery and various other textile applications, but we wanted to test them under heat, sliced and diced, composed and layered to form plaques, turning them into a new sheet material, that we are calling Plas-Terrazzo!

Resembling liquorice laces, these futuristic threads in high brights, glitter and subtle translucent tones once cut and paste look like sci-fi cake toppings or sprinkles for the insta-generation – materials good enough to eat!

Here are some of our favorite experiments created by our in-house creative team.

Story of the Month
Tomorrow’s Material World

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Antoine Lavoisier

Here at American Supply, we provide innovative solutions and are always searching for cutting edge developments, whether they be material or ephemeral. Our clients are always abreast of the zeitgeist and important societal shifts, and we cater to their needs. For our future, it is important that we consider our present, understanding our past and learning from it. It is imperative that we work towards doing what we can to help the climate and the planet that we live on.

With our productions, we are dedicated to using the minimum matter necessarily, but minimal excess waste is unavoidable. Since 2003 we have been donating larger scale excess of primary materials to schools and universities and storing material that is partly transformed in our own facilities. We do not consider material that has been transformed to have reached the end of its transformative life but believe that it is in transition and has further potential. As the old saying goes, One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.

Our vision is a progressive one, and we believe it is crucial to be conscious of the world we live in and our impact upon it. We are proud to present our 2019 Sustainability Report, and lay out our plans for the future and our place in it.

“American Supply’s industry position at the heart of Material Supply & Material Design makes us a leader into the research, promotion, and production of sustainable and eco-responsible materials. In our profession, we face creative and technical challenges every day – the question of sustainability, on top of this, is both urgent and necessary for us to continue to take pride in our work! Our industry favorizes an enormous over-consumption of materials with relatively short lifespans. We need to help evolve people’s habits and pre-conceptions towards material using our expertise: the material itself, eco-responsibly!”

Delphine Duval Delort, Sales Director


Material Collection

In our Material Library, we hold over 10,000 references, that we are happy to explore with you in the showroom. To facilitate your material research, we have condensed this down for you into 12 Material Collection binders, containing 150 samples, classified in our 6 material families that are informed by their manufacturing processes:


Material extrusions formed by passing the matter through calendaring rolls.


Sheets made using a heat press, with the possibility to combine several films together.


Transfer application to create specific effects on a support.

Bonding process combining layers, using heat or adhesive fusion.


Relief created by thermoforming or embossing. Three-dimensional optic effects using holographic or lenticular processes.


Fluid materials or particles applied to a support using coating or projection to embellish.


Knitted fabric, using warp and weft weaving techniques or coagulated fibers.

Our Material Collection binders will soon be available for purchased for your own library and used to facilitate your personal research.

For all inquiries please contact us here.

The Creative Promise of Spring

Spring has officially sprung, with its promise of renewal, hope, and fresh possibilities. The air is crisp, the wind is fresh, the trees are starting to sprout, and the first daffodils are already subsiding, as the new creative year is in full swing. Material trends come from all aspects of culture and the art world is always one of the most unfiltered. We took a trip to some of our favorite galleries in our hometown, to see what is happening in the material world of the arts.

It’s a kind of Magic

Our iconic Magic Mirror material comes in many different forms, on various supports and is as adaptable as your imagination itself. A dichroic material made of over one hundred superposed micro-layers, with different refractive indices, that separate the light in many different directions at once: perplexing the eye and troubling your senses, adding color where there was none and separating tones. It is capable of being transparent, invisible, saturated, hyper-visible, intense and eye-catching all at the same time. Watch the video above to see and hear our most popular iterations and allow yourself to be transported through the medium of Magic Mirror.

Magic Mirror Film

A lightweight film of material that can be used smooth or crushed, to increase the diffraction and add another dimension.


Magic Mirror Adhesive

A layered material, comprising the lightweight film with an invisible adhesive layer and a fine protective sheet. This material can be used as is, or you can take off the protective layer and stick it onto another surface.


Magic Mirror TPU

This is one of the thickest of the translucent iterations; comprising the lightweight film sandwiched in-between two layers of transparent PU making it more durable.

Magic Mirror DS

The lightweight film laminated on a compact polystyrene backing, which comes in adhesive and non-adhesive versions. The pink version is laminated on a white backing, and the blue on a black backing to enhance the coloration.


Magic Mirror Textile

A lightweight woven textile with Magic Mirror threads, the textile is sheer and subtle in its coloration.


Magic Mirror Luminium

Our iconic Magic Mirror adhesive on aluminium, a spectacular reflective dichroic surface available in blue or pink.


Magic Mirror Dawn – New

This is one of the thickest of the translucent iterations; comprising the lightweight film sandwiched in-between transparent PU and reflective PU making it more durable and with a prismatic effect from one direction.

Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me

The Luminiums are a range of our materials on lightweight aluminium support that we have developed. This opens up the different materials to a new world of sculptural possibilities, as the aluminium holds its shape, yet is soft and light enough to be manipulated by hand. You can easily imagine mountain ranges, ski slopes, icebergs, extraterrestrial planetary surfaces, or the wonderlands of your wildest imagination come to life!

To illustrate their individual quirks and character traits, we have made a small video for each variation being manipulated.

Here we list their individual traits:


Our Glitter Hexa Ski on aluminum, a timeless classic and the first in the aluminum family, perfect for recreating snow-capped mountains and festive scenes.


Our Microbilles Reflective on aluminum, a space-age reflective material that turns a dazzling white when activated with a camera flash.


Our Rainbow Flash on aluminium, a dark counterpart to our Moon-Luminium that becomes rainbow coloured when activated with a camera flash.


Our iconic Magic Mirror adhesive on aluminium, a spectacular reflective dichroic surface available in blue or pink.


A glitter paper on aluminium, perfect for a touch of luxury or to mimic a hearth of smouldering embers.


Our felted polyester Mousse on aluminium, soft to the touch and perfect for imagining mountain ranges and rolling fields