Story of the month

Photos: American Supply

“Take Care!” was the theme for Maison & Objet this January, with nearly 2,300 exhibitors from approximately 150 countries. We were encouraged to “refocus, reconnect with themselves, with others and with the environment.


Today, the second we step outside, we are hit with cultural, environmental and identity issues. Society is craving for new models, and that is something that brands can deliver, providing solutions that target the environment, safeguard expertise, and encourage us all to care for others and focus on our own well-being. What we are interested in are the rising voices that are picking up that gauntlet. The under-25s that make up Generation Z are impatiently waiting for something to be done. Today, a new set of ethics is dictating the type of consumer activity we are witnessing.” Vincent Grégoire, Creative Director of NellyRodi


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