De Trip at
Dutch Design Week

“De Trip – Descend for an uplifting experience.”

an immersive experience at Dutch Design Week by Francine Meerveld

22-30 October 2022



We are delighted to collaborate with Francine Meerveld, during Dutch Design Week 2022 – Northern Europe’s biggest annual design fair – on her immersive installation: De Trip. Francine is an interior architect and the founder of the FELD agency:


FELD works from the belief that people feel better in well-designed spaces. With a genuine interest in people and their well-being, we strive for end results that are uplifting and inspiring. Our office is characterized by being a good listener. Context is key. Our strength is to look further, to seek depth. In this way, we offer innovative insights and spatial creativity. The aim is to bring people, architecture and the (brand) story together in synergy.FELD website


When Francine contacted us and explained her concept and work ethos, we quickly realised that she would be a perfect partner for us. Her approach to materials, design and dedication to storytelling was perfectly in line with ours. In line with our ongoing commitments to sustainability and innovation, we are supporting her project with material waste from some of our most iconic references, including Magic Mirror, Tinted PVC, and Creafoam.

Francine wanted to go to the core of her process, and approach the installation for Dutch Design Week from an experiential standpoint:


I find it important to keep reflecting on my work and goals. If FELD works from the principle that people feel better in well-designed spaces, what would happen if we forget about functionality and work on a project where this belief is the starting point and singular goal? Creating a space that solely targets feeling, being and experiencing? This thought is developed into an actual project and space.


In turbulent times, De Trip gives a small immaterial escape, an inspiring experience into a different dimension. We don’t have to go far to go on an inner journey.

We are not Francine’s sole collaborator for De Trip, her project was born out of a desire to collaborate and expand, to offer a fully sensorial experience:


De Trip has evolved into an immersive experience thanks to several great collaborations. The light design is developed in partnership with Paul Cremers of Marlon van der Pas of _blank adds to the installation with his talent for sound design. Lingua Planta finds the finest aromatics to ensure a high-quality product that is also friendly to the earth. Narrative textiles come from Siersema and innovative sustainable materials are donated by American Supply Paris.


We are excited to experience the magic of De Trip with you, and hope you can make it to Eindhoven for the 2022 Dutch Design Week !




Dutch Design Week

22-30 October 2022


De Trip 

Location DDW’22

Gebouw TQ Basement

Achtseweg Zuid 151 

5651 GW Eindhoven