For the launch of their new fragrance collection “Carpe Noctem” in 2017 the by Kilian team wanted to create something unique for their communications campaign.

Using sophisticated lenticular printing technology, we created a holographic image, with a super smooth transition, that when manipulated fluctuates between an image of the perfume collection and the statement “a little party never killed nobody!”


Cheval Blanc
Carte grands Crus

Chateau Cheval Blanc Courchevel wanted to create a unique object for their prestigious wine list.
Our creative team envisaged the sediment at the bottom of the wine bottle as glitter, and integrated it into the production process.
The Transparent Resin plaque was prepared, and whilst still wet, the glitter was applied in splash form. A second layer was then poured on top creating a glitter inclusion. The visual impact is extraordinary, invoking the dreamlike allegory of the spilt wine sediment.


Madame Figaro
Flowers Hours

Set designer Mathilde Nivet sought materials that represented carnivorous plants and exotic foliage for an imaginative series of photos for Madame Figaro, previewing the Haute Horlogerie tradeshow in Geneva.
We suggested a variety of materials and colors in the Tinted PVC, Prism PVC and Magic Mirror families to immerse the reader in a universe of luxurious sobriety and sumptous eccentricity.
The photographer Valéry Assénat captured our materials seductively, showcasing their unique transparencies, character and luminosity to perfection./vc_column_text]