Centre Pompidou
Dream Case

The ‘Dream Case’ is a beautiful object developed for the Centre Georges Pompidou which unfolds to reveal creative sculptural forms using unusual materials with fantastic colors.

Aimed at children aged 2 to 5 years old, it encourages them to manipulate the materials to appreciate and develop their own works of art.

In creating the object, the textile designer Ludivine Bigot used our Tinted Fluo, Reflective Prisme and Magic Mirror to construct reflective optical prisms and many other wondrous shapes and textural forms. 

Crédit photo : Ludivine Bigot, Hervé Véronèse photographe du centre Pompidou.


Centre Georges Pompidou


Dream Case

Main Material

Magic Mirror

Other Materials

Tinted Fluo

Reflective Prisme


Design & Architecture, Works


Magic Mirror, matières, pompidou, Reflective Prisme, Tinted PVC