Process family : Woven / Braided
Composition : Sorona* & Recycled PET fibres
Format : Roll
Size : 155 cm width
Thickness : 500 gr/m2 (approx.)
Color : 6 colors available


*Sorona is a corn-based component that is a by-product from the bio-fuel sector (not a food source) that would otherwise be left unused. Thanks to the valorisation of this corn ingredient, a new, green fibre made from a renewable source is possible.

Koba, like all polyester furs, is 100% recyclable.




Fire Resistance : Unknown
Weather Resistance : Low
Scratch Resistance : Low
Weight : Low
Renewable : Yes
Elasticity : Medium
Fragility : Medium


Glossiness : Low
Translucence : Low
Texture : High
Hardness : Low
Temperature : Warm
Sound : Low
Odour : Low

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