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American Supply creates the materials luxury businesses need to unleash their creativity, and inspire love for their brand. We work passionately alongside our clients to conceive and create store windows and merchandising solutions that embody their identity.
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Party Navy

Process family: Coated/Projected
Composition: Nylon
Format: Roll
Size: 137 cm
Thickness: 0,65 mm
Color: Navy

Available in 17 colors




Fire Resistance : Low
Weather Resistance : Medium
Scratch Resistance : Medium
Weight : Medium
Renewable : No
Elasticity: Low
Fragility: Medium


Glossiness : Low
Translucence : Low
Texture : Medium
Hardness : Low
Temperature : Warm
Sound : Low
Odour : Low

August 6, 2019


3D, Extruded / Calendered, Families, Materials, Metal / Metallized / Mirror, New Materials