Stabilized Plants

Process family: Relief / 3D Effect
Composition: 100% Natural stabilized plant
Format: variable
Size: variable
Thickness: variable
Color: Natural


NB These are some examples of the type of plant on offer, we have many more colours and form possibilities possible. Stabilized plants, flowers and foliage are 100% natural and totally ecological. They do not require any watering, no lighting or temperature conditions. No special treatment and the lifespan is approximately 10 years.




Fire Resistance : Low
Weather Resistance : Medium
Scratch Resistance :
Weight : Low
Renewable : Yes
Elasticity :
Fragility : Medium


Glossiness : Low
Translucence : Low
Texture : High
Hardness : Medium
Temperature :
Sound :
Odour :

Eco Materials, Families, Materials, Natural, New Materials, Relief / 3D Effect, Sustainable