Arctic Trio


Our Arctic Trio are three beautiful translucent materials, all composed of 100% PVC – making them fully recyclable – with varied aspects, and a soft touch.

All three are created using a process of pressed block accumulation, with various-sized pieces of 100% PVC material, which are then sliced, giving the material surfaces a variated translucency and a beautifully frosty effect. Granité looks like a crispy winter morning when the first layers of fresh snow lie on the ground. Glaçon reminds us of a frosted window, and Glacé is like the surface of a frozen lake or pond, ready for the first ice skating of the Winter season!


This month’s Material of The Month sample pack is composed of two A5 samples and a technical datasheet.

  • This Month’s material is The Arctic Trio: you will receive 2 samples mixing Glaçé, Glaçon, or Granité
  • You will receive two A5  samples