Cerf Volant


This month, we celebrate kite season with our Cerf Volant – the perfect material for kite making! Cerf Volant is a technical material composed of 100% Nylon with a PU coating.

The material is woven into a square pattern, with extra reinforcement threads that are placed within the weave at certain increments, usually 1/8 inch or smaller, to stop a tear or rip from continuing beyond the first square, hence, the common name given: “ripstop.” It is both super lightweight (41 gr/m2) and extremely airtight. There is also a high water resistance due to an FOA-free PU coating on both sides,  ensuring there is almost no water absorption.



This sample pack is composed of two A5 samples and a technical datasheet.


  • You will receive two different coloured A5  samples