Cotte de Maille


Cotte de Maille is a metal ‘sequin’ fluid mesh, composed of 100% aluminium. It is fashioned using interlinking pieces, and due to its light weight, it hangs like a fabric.


Cotte de Maille is available in 30 base variations, in fluid plaque format, in 40 cm x 140 cm and with a weight of 1.1 kg/m2. The plaques can also be soldered during production to create larger formats if necessary. When you order samples, you will receive one sample in gold and one in silver, as shown here, with 4 mm flat octagonal sequins.


This sample pack is composed of two A5 samples and a technical datasheet.


  • One silver-coloured A5  sample (as in the images), and one gold-coloured A5  sample (in the same style)
  • The technical datasheet detailing the colour card.