Material of the Month<br />Creafoam


Creafoam is an agglomerated foam material made from 100% recycled industrial PE foam waste with no additional glue or additives, making it a totally sustainable option. Due to the production process, the colour of the final product is completely random as it relies on the waste that is available.

Available in a standard range of thicknesses from 3 mm to 250 mm, in non-adhesive or adhesive sheets measuring 100 cm x 200 cm, and certified EN 71-1-2-3 contact.

Creafoam is super lightweight and has great shock, sound, and weight absorption properties. It can be cut easily with hot wire, and layered with hot adhesion to make larger thicknesses and to create sculptural forms, which we can produce for you on demand.

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This month’s Material of The Month sample pack is composed of two A5 samples and a technical datasheet.

  • This Month’s material is Creafoam
  • You will receive two A5  samples