Reptile is a remarkably supple lifelike snakeskin alternative, composed of 100% polyester.


A polyester microfibre textile which is first digitally printed roll-to-roll before being laminated with a selective gloss, to imitate shiny snake scales. When manipulated in the light, the glossy printed scales catch the light, emulating relief, making Reptile glisten and shine like a real snakeskin. Shown here is a classic brown, python-like snake effect, but it also comes in fantasy jewel colours including reds, oranges, blues and purples. Reptile can be cut and sewn easily and used like a regular textile.


Available in roll format with a width of 140 cm and weight of 160 gr/m2. Reptile comes in 20 scaly colours.





This month’s Material of The Month sample pack is composed of two A5 samples and a technical datasheet.

  • This Month’s material is Rita-Luminium
  • You will receive two A5  samples