G Mirror

G Mirror is a luxury metalized synthetic leather in 100% Polyester. The high-gloss mirrored surface, when manipulated, creases like genuine leather, giving it an aged effect that diffuses its reflective surface, and enhances the leather look. A cruelty-free alternative to patent leather, it is both durable and stain-resistant with an immaculate glaze.


G Mirror comes in 17 different colors, making it perfect for all your merchandising, packaging, fashion, and design applications. It is sold on the roll, with a width of 140cm, has a soft hand, and can be worked like real leather, cut and sewn easily, or used in raw edge applications. 

creasing is achieved through manipulation, enhancing it's aesthetic 'leather' surface quality


Process family: Coated / Projected
Composition: Polyester
Format: Roll
Size: 140 cm width
Thickness: 1,10 mm
Color: Red


Available in 17 colors

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