Magic Hypnotic

Magic Hypnotic is a new sewable textile made using our iconic Magic Mirror dichroic film. Magic Hypnotic is 100% polyester, composed of the film in dominant rose, bonded with a lightweight white jersey to accentuate the pink aspect.


The film is pre-crushed before being bonded, enhancing the potential of its surface reflections, so as the textile is viewed from different angles, the color shifts and the transmitted colors are different from the reflective colors. The extraordinary visual effect gives the material it’s name – Magic Hypnotic.


As it has a jersey support it can be cut and sewn like a regular textile for all your fashion applications, and used to make clothing, accessories, curtains and backdrops. It is super lightweight and water resistant, making it ideal for outdoor utilizations.

Magic Hypnotic has to be seen to be believed! Let yourself fall under its spell and be transported into another realm...


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: Polyester
Format: Roll
Size: 140 cm width
Thickness: 162 gr
Color: Pink

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