Tefna reminds us that the beginning of the year is a time for possibilities: a breath of fresh air, a wind of change, a clean slate, and new year’s resolutions. 


Composed of two layers of organic muslin cotton bonded together that gives it a natural crinkled surface, and allows it to breathe easily.


It can be cut and sewn easily and is perfect for fashion, accessories, curtains, and backdrops. Tefna has a width of 140cm and is lightweight at 145 g/m². Due to the nature of the fabrication, the colour uniformity may vary, as it has no chemical treatment in its manufacture.


Tefna is a sustainable eco-textile with GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications made from natural fibers from organic agriculture, cultivated without pesticides.

Tefna 5

Exquisite to the touch and totally sustainable, Tefna is durable and pollutant free


Process family: Woven / Braided
Composition: 100% Organic Cotton
Format: Roll
Size: 140 cm width
Thickness: 145 g/m²
Color: Natural

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