Rubicor is a bi-material composed of natural cork and a mix of recycled car tyres and natural rubber, making it an eco-designed material that promotes both sustainability and durability.


It has extremely supple and is naturally mould and mildew resistant. With an A+ indoor air use rating and B2 building material classification, it can be used in both residential and commercial building applications.


The hand is soft, elastic, and the surface is warm to the touch. It has excellent sound absorption capabilities and an impressive elastic memory.


Rubicor is sold on the roll format with a width of 100 cm and thickness of 2 mm.


It is natural, lightweight and can be easily die-cut or cut with scissors and torn like cork, making it ideal for merchandising, retail, hospitality and all sustainably focussed applications.


With it’s terrazzo-like surface pattern Rubicor is a true sustainable beauty!


Process family: Pressed / Cast
Composition: Natural cork, Recycled Car Tyres & Natural Rubber 
Format: Roll
Size: 100 cm width
Thickness: 2 mm
Color: Natural & Black

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