Caoutchouc Color

Caoutchouc Color is a natural latex material that comes in 61 colors and a vast array of thicknesses, ranging from 0,20 mm to 0,81 mm with a width of 100 cm or 300 cm. The thickness of the sheet affects its transparency, with finer weights allowing the light to pass through easily.


Caoutchouc Color has two different faces, one shiny and smooth and the other matt and textured for perfect adhesion when used to make garments or in patterned applications. Please note, it can not be sewn, it must be glued, though we can provide vulcanizing latex glue on request.


With a magnificent elasticity – it can be extended 500% its original size without distortion – and high tensile strength, the possibilities are endless for Caoutchouc Color6


Caoutchouc Color comes in a vast array of colors and thicknesses!


Process family: Pressed / Cast
Composition: Natural Latex
Format: Roll
Size: 100 cm or 300 cm width
Thickness: 0,20 mm – 0,81 mm
Color: 61 colours available 

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