Banana flex

Banana Flex is a 100% natural sheet material composed of banana trunk fibres on non-woven support. It is recycled, wood free and totally biodegradable. 


It is a wonderful wood alternative with a natural beautifully grained surface and can be used as a veneer on all general substrates, contributing to your project’s sustainability. Easy to cut and apply using vinyl adhesive or a veneer press, it is lightweight, with sound-absorbing properties, and when used efficiently, contributes positively to your LEED credits.


Banana Flex is available in the standard thickness of 0,5 mm in a raw finish with 9 different colour variations, ranging from natural to yellow to red to dark brown. The standard sheet size is 1250 mm x 2500 mm, and it can be fire-rated EN 13501-1 B-s2-d0 on request.


Banana Flex is also available as a double-sided material on request, with a range of colour combinations possible. If you are interested in customised options, please contact us.


Banana Flex can be used as a natural cladding material for sculptural forms and merchandising solutions !


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: Banana fibers on non-woven support
Format: Plaque
Size: 1250 mm x 2500 mm
Thickness: 0,50 mm
Colour: Natural


9 colour variations are available

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