Neige is an eco-conceived material composed of ethically mined crushed natural mica on a non-woven paper backing and has a naturally occurring pearly lustre.


Mica is used widely in make-up and cosmetics, after being milled into a fine powder, to add a shimmering effect to the product. When projected in the way it is here, it has a larger surface area that reflects back the light on its variegated surfaces, making it an ecological alternative to glitter.


Neige is available in a standard thickness of 0,90 mm with a roll width of 92cm, in 5 different base colours from white to gunmetal, it can also be made to Pantone Colour specification on request with low MOQ on special order.


Neige is an excellent alternative to glitter for glistening luxury snow effects and can help to make your Christmas windows and POS projects more sustainable, and more eco-friendly.


Neige makes your eco-friendly
Christmas windows come to life !


Process family: Coated / Projected
Composition: Mica on non-woven backing
Format: Roll
Size: 92 cm width
Thickness: 0,90 mm 
Colour: Various


5 colours are available

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