Mega Feutre

Mega Feutre is an eco-conscious high density (1020 gr/m2) felted textile, with a sculptural rigidity, composed of recycled PET recuperated from plastic bottles. It is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable as the recycling process for PET is circular; once new PET items have served their purpose or come to the end of a reasonable lifespan, they can enter back into the circular recycling system.


Mega Feutre can be used to make slab construction soft sculptural forms and cut and sewn easily. It is formable like regular wool felt, and the finish is clean when cut with a sharp blade. 


Sold on the roll, with a width of 160cm, in 5 colours; mid-grey, red, nude, black and marine. 

Due to its material density, it also has excellent sound-insulating properties. Mega Feutre reduces not only noise but also other pollutants. This application is ideal for hospitality, offices or in-store design.


Mega Feutre holds its form and can be worked sculpturally in your creative projects


Process family: Pressed / Cast
Composition: 100% recycled PET
Format: Roll
Size: 160 cm width
Thickness: 4 mm (1020 gr/m2) 
Colour: Marine


5 colours are available

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