Wet is a super-lightweight innovative woven polyester (20 gr/m2) with a magical surface finish that has a mysterious colour changing aspect which is both iridescent and metallic – giving it a veritable ‘wet look’.


The finish is a roll-to-roll sputter-coating of a metal film, at a nano-level, which is recognised as an eco-friendly non-aqueous coloration and finishing technology as it does not create any pollution or discharge pollutants during processing. This technique of thin film deposition creates a finish of excellent uniformity, density and purity. As the coating is applied at a nano-level, it does not affect the weight or texture of the material at all, whilst imbuing it with a unique sheen and light-sensitive colour shift, making it eco-innovative, magical and alluring!


Wet is sold on the roll, with a width of 148 cm, and is available in 6 colours – each with a unique colour change – and an airy 20 gr/m2 weight.


Wet is perfect for standout merchandising and fashion applications, Though delicate, it can be cut, sewn, machined and laser-cut. 


Light passes through the material and bounces off its surface, making it transparent and metallic!


Process family: Woven / Braided
Composition: 100% Polyester with metal Nano-coating
Format: Roll
Size: 148 cm width
Thickness:  20 gr/m2
Colour: Cuivre


6 colours are available to order

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