Auror-Luminium is a new malleable artisanal material by our in-house creative team here at American supply. As the latest member of our Luminium family, it comes to life once manipulated and formed.


Composed of our 100% polyester Aurore Adhesive laminated onto our lightweight 100% aluminium Luminium it can be shaped easily by hand without tooling. The scarab-like iridescent surface of the Aurore Adhesive is metallic, reflecting the light and colour shifting within the forms created – a spectacular variegated metachromatic arc from blue to green to copper to warm gold occurs when your viewing angle is adjusted.


Auror-Luminium is made-to-order by our in-house creative team, in a standard sheet format of 120 cm x 60 cm and a slight thickness of 0,40 mm.


Auror-Luminium is perfect for spectacularly visually-enhanced merchandising applications, photoshoots, PLV, packaging, design and art.


Auror-Luminium’s chameleonic surface is elevated by its surface relief


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: 100% Polyester on 100% Aluminium
Format: Plaque / bespoke
Size: 120 cm x 60 cm
Thickness:  0,40 mm
Colour: Green Petrol


Auror-Luminium is made to order, minimum 5 days of production depending on quantity,

the sheet size is standardized but bespoke lengths can be made to order.

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