Résille Paillettée

Résille Paillettée is a scintillant woven metallic lurex-mesh fused onto a plain weave woven base. It is eco-conscious, composed of 100% recycled polyester and 100% recyclable. The glittering thread that is part of the external mesh top layer makes it shine like glitter, catching the light in many directions at once.


Résille Paillettée is available in eleven different complex colour variations, with glistening surfaces that unveil the possibilities of the mesh surface and its woven support. From white-backed silver to black-backed turquoise and gold, there are many beautiful surprises to be found in its comprehensive colour card.


Résille Paillettée has a width of 140 cm, a thickness of 0,75 mm and a weight of 300 gr/m2.


Résille Paillettée is an excellent eco-alternative to glitter and can be used to achieve sparkling rich effects for a wide range of applications. It is easy to cut and sew or to cover and dress elements, making it ideal for fashion, windows, POS, pop-up stores, design and much more.


The complex lurex-mesh surface is composed of numerous threads that glisten under the light like a pavé of precious cut stones!


Process family: Woven / Braided
Composition: 100% Recycled Polyester
Format: Roll
Width: 140 cm
Thickness:  0,75 mm (300 gr/m2)
Colour: Black/Silver


Résille Paillettée is available to order in 11 colours

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