Koba is an eco-conscious faux-fur, primarily composed of Sorona – a corn-based component that is a by-product from the bio-fuel sector that would otherwise be left unused – and recycled Polyester. It is ethical, ecological, and 100% recyclable.


Sorona is a bio-material polymer comprised of 37 per cent annual renewable, plant-based ingredients and offers performance attributes such as stretch recovery, wrinkle resistance, moisture wicking and softness. It gives Koba a wonderfully soft hand, and a supple movement and its bio-based structure helps to minimize its environmental impact.


Koba is available in six colours, in roll format, with a width of 155 cm and a weight of approximately 500 gr/m2. 


Koba is an excellent example of circularity: it is composed of a bio-waste by-product and can be 100% recycled. It is ideal for all eco-conscious fashion, merchandising, POS, design and packing applications.


The soft surface and density are similar to real fur, but Koba is animal friendly!


Process family: Woven / Braided
Composition: Sorona & Recycled Polyester
Format: Roll
Width: 155 cm
Thickness:  500 gr/m2 (approx.) 
Colour: Various


Koba is available in 6 colours.

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