New Touch

New Touch is a brand new eco-conceived super-matt alternative to leather composed of 38% bamboo and 62% bio-polyurethane. An eco replacement to our popular Touch, it has the same ultra-matt appearance, and soft hand, with the added advantage of being more sustainable.


Both the bamboo and bio-based vegetal components (pineapple, corn, rapeseed, castor, etc). used to make the bio-PU coating come from renewable sources. As bio-PUs use raw materials that are regenerated by nature itself, they do not destroy the earth’s precious and scarce resources, making bio-PU the most green PU coating option available.


New Touch is available in twelve colours, in roll format, with a width of 140 cm and a weight of 530 gr/m2.


Alongside a more traditional, subdued colour palette, New Touch is also available in four fluorescent colours that can invigorate your creative projects!


New Touch can replace matt leather for accessories and footwear and can be used for all types of visual merchandising, POS and packaging applications.


New Touch’s ultra-matt surface is non-reflective and scatters light equally in all directions, for a beautiful aspect!


Process family: Coated / Projected
Composition: 38% Bamboo 62% Bio-PU
Format: Roll
Width: 140 cm
Thickness:  530 gr/m2
Colour: Black


New Touch is available in 12 colours.

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