Magic Crush

Magic Crush is a creased laminated material, composed of 60% polyester & 40% PU on various woven poly/cotton supports. The surface lamination is made using Magic Mirror or Holographic film.


Magic Crush‘s wrinkled surface changes colour when manipulated, depending on the characteristics of the surface lamination.


The holographic variation is softer, and the visual effect is not unlike the diffraction of white light into spectral colours through a crystal prism. The other six colours use our classic Magic Mirror dichroic film, the support is more fluid, and the colour-changing effect depends on the viewer’s angle and the angle of incidence of light, and the colour change is affected by the colour of the support. Both variations are metallic in aspect and reflect light. 


Magic Crush is available in 7 colours, in roll format, with a width of 140 cm and a weight of 255 gr/m2. When ordering samples, you receive one sample in Holographic and one sample in Magic Mirror, to illustrate the two aspects.


Magic Crush is applicable for all types of fashion, accessories, visual merchandising, POS, packaging, upholstery and interior applications.


When the dichroic Magic Mirror film is associated with the black support it has a scarab-like effect ...


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: 60% Polyester 40% PU on Poly/cotton support
Format: Roll
Width: 140 cm
Thickness: 255 gr/m2
Colour: Holographic & Dark green


Magic Crush is available in 7 colours.

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