Lack-Luminium is a brand new edition to our growing Luminium family, composed of our glossy Vernis laminated onto lightweight aluminium support – it is easily malleable and formable by hand and holds its shape without tooling.


The surface coating of Vernis is composed of 100% PVC whilst the support is 100% aluminium. The version shown here has a white gloss finish; it reflects the light beautifully once formed, though Lack-Luminium is also available in a Matt finish. With a generous width and large roll format, it is easy to integrate into 3-Dimensional projects. 


Lack-Luminium is available in roll format, with a width of 130 cm and a thickness of only 0,40 mm. The surface is certified M2 non-flammable though the support is M1. It is also possible to produce Lack-Luminium in M1 with a slightly reduced colour card – M2 is available in forty colours, and M1 is available in thirty-seven colours: notably minus the metallics. 


Lack-Luminium is perfect for PLV, windows, photoshoots, interior decoration, and backdrops. Due to its lightweight nature, Lack-Luminium is also adaptable for luxury packaging.

Lack-Luminium can be shaped easily by hand without tooling ...


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: PVC/ Aluminium
Format: Roll
Width: 130 cm
Thickness: 0,40 mm

Colour: White


Lack-Luminium is available in 40 colours

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