The arctic Trio

Our Arctic Trio are three beautiful translucent materials, all composed of 100% PVC – making them fully recyclable – with varied aspects, and a soft touch.


All three are created using a process of pressed block accumulation, with various-sized pieces of 100% PVC material, which are then sliced into sheets, giving the material surfaces a variated translucency and a beautifully frosty effect. Granité looks like a crispy winter morning when the first layers of fresh snow lie on the ground. Glaçon reminds us of a frosted window, and Glacé is like the surface of a frozen lake or pond, ready for the first ice skating of the winter season!


Available in a sheet size of 145 cm x 65 cm, with a standard supple thickness of 0,2 mm; though, all of them can be made to order in thicknesses up to a rigid 6,3 mm, using various substrate laminates.


All three can be polished to a high gloss finish, surface embossed, custom coloured or printed upon for custom applications. And, both the supple and rigid laminate variations can be thermo-formed.


Our Arctic Trio are perfect for PLV, windows, luxury packaging, object design, interior decoration, and industrial manufacturing. 


Our Arctic Trio are three perfect frosty options for winter projects ...


Process family: Pressed / Cast
Composition: PVC
Format: Sheet
Size: 145 cm x 65 cm
Thickness: 0,20 mm*

Colour: White **


* All three can be made to order in thicknesses up to a rigid 6,3 mm, using various substrate laminates. 

** A colour card is available for each material with several variations, including custom colour options, on demand.

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