Rita-Luminium is the latest member of our growing Luminium family, a composite composed of our woven Rita textile adhered onto lightweight malleable aluminium.


Rita is an iridescent metallic chameleon that changes colour with the angle of the light on its surface. At the base, a soft woven textile, available in 55 colours, now combined with the sculptural possibilities of aluminium, Rita-Luminium can be shaped easily by hand without tooling. Its capacity to hold a form multiplies the different facets on its surface creating a multi-coloured object that reflects the light beautifully.


Available in roll format with a width of 130 cm and thickness of 0,70 mm. Rita-Luminium comes in 21 shifting colours.


Rita-Luminium brings chameleonic sculptural magic to your PLV, windows, accessories, and luxury packaging applications.

AmericanSupply_Rita-Luminium_Web_DSC0015 vertical

A revelatory colour shift occurs in each crease and fold ...


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: 52% Cellulose acetate / 32% Cotton / 16% Polyester & 100% Aluminium
Format: Roll
Width: 130 cm

Thickness: 0,70 mm

Colour: 21 Colours Available


Rita-Luminium is made-to-order. It has a minimum order of 50 m linear and a 6-week possible production delay.

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