Smoke is a flame retardant lighter-than-the-air innovative woven polyester (8 gr/m2) with a magical surface finish whose metallic sheen reflects the light when manipulated.


The finish is a roll-to-roll sputter-coating of a metal film, at a nano-level. It is recognised as an eco-friendly non-aqueous colouration and finishing technology as it does not create any pollution or discharge pollutants during processing. This thin film deposition technique creates a finish of excellent uniformity, density and purity. As the coating is applied at a nano-level, it does not affect the weight or texture of the material at all, whilst imbuing it with a unique metallic reflective sheen. This 8 gr/m2 material is practically weightless, making it capable of floating in the air graciously on a breeze, like a cloud of smoke.


Smoke is sold on the roll, with a width of 155 cm, and is available in 2 colours and an airy 8 gr/m2 weight.


Smoke is perfect for standout merchandising and fashion applications, and is flame retardant to comply with fire safety regulations in public spaces.


Smoke reveals its secrets when layered through the moiré effect, created by light on its surfaces…


Process family: Woven / Braided
Composition: 100% Polyester with metal Nano-coating
Format: Roll
Width: 155 cm

Weight: 8 gr/m2

Colour: 2 Colours Variations

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