Doggy is a cosy delight! It is composed of 50% long-strand polyester bonded onto a 50% cotton twill base and has a degraded mottled effect in its colouration.


Its felted soft surface finish gives Doggy an autumnal aspect that evokes cold evenings wrapped up with a hot chocolate in your hands. The cotton twill base the felt is projected onto can be cut and sewn easily, like a heavy cotton drill, making Doggy ideal for outerwear and accessories, but, also excellent for shop windows, in-store backdrops, and luxury photoshoots. The palette manoeuvres itself through shades of natural into jewel tones, making Doggy versatile.


Doggy is sold on the roll, with a width of 140 cm, and is available in 7 colours with a thickness of +/- 2 mm and a heavy weight of 640 gr/m2.


Doggy is perfect for all of your cosy, wintry, merchandising and fashion applications.


Doggy takes its name from the mottled Merle coat it wears …


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: 50% Polyester50% Cotton
Format: Roll
Width: 140 cm

Weight: 640 gr/m2


Colour: 7 Colours Variations

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