Opstrip is a fine-weight optical effect polyester material that gives the eye the impression of column-like stripes.


At first glance, before draping or touching, it looks like a more traditional tonal shirt striping. It comes alive when touched – the illusionary striped columns that make up the surface pattern are broken, enhanced and deformed with each manipulation. The newly evolutive surface patterns are wavy, distorted and mind-altering, making Opstrip a fascinating material.


Opstrip is an optical laminated polyester film on a woven polyester base. It is sold on the roll, with a width of 145 cm, and is available in 6 colours with a light weight of 142 gr/m2.


Opstrip is easy to cut and sew, making it perfect for all your illusionary applications!


Layered without manipulation, the tonal shirt striping reveals itself


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: 100% Polyester
Format: Roll
Width: 145 cm

Weight: 142 gr/m2


Colour: 6 Colours Available

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