Popcorn is part of a new family of sustainable materials here at American Supply. A luxury eco-material composed of vermiculite and mica minerals on recycled paper.  


Vermiculite is a group of hydrated laminar aluminum-iron magnesium silicates renowned for its heat insulating and fire-resistant qualities, and mica is a mineral dust hybrid of quartz and granite which shines, giving a sparkling diamond-like metallic finish. Both minerals are naturally occurring and sustainably mined.


An exceptional material – Popcorn is both Eco-certified, PVC free and 100% sustainable.


Popcorn is produced in rolls, with an easy to apply eco-paper backing, it can be applied like a wallpaper and is perfect for all manner of merchandising solutions, photo-shoots, design, architectural or luxury hospitality projects.

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Composition: Minerals on a non-woven eco-backing

Format: Roll
Size: 91 cm width
Thickness: 1,75 mm
Color: Gray

Available in 7 colors


We hold a limited stock of Popcorn in Blue for immediate despatch from our showroom in Paris. For larger quantities and other colours, it is made to order to further reduce its environmental impact.