Raphia Souple

Raphia Souple is an imitation woven raffia that evokes feelings of summer and nature.


The material comprises a high-quality woven polyamide laminated onto a cotton base. Due to the polyamide’s softness and the cotton support, it is extremely supple, easy to clean, resistant and can be cut and sewn easily for applications such as fashion, accessories or upholstery. As the polyamide is produced coloured, unlike natural raffia that relies on its natural tone, it has a wide-ranging palette that encompasses natural to bright, from raw-effect elegance to high bright summer tones. It can also be produced without the cotton base as an imitation woven raffia in roll format for special orders.


Raphia Souple in natural colour perfectly resembles a natural woven raffia but is made from 70% PA on a cotton woven base, giving it a much higher durability. It is sold on the roll, with a usable width of 145 cm, and is available in 28 colours with a weight of 210 gr/m2.


Raphia Souple is an excellent choice for fashion, merchandising, window and accessory applications!

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Raphia Souple bears a striking resemblance to its natural forebearer...


Process family: Woven / Braided
Composition: 70% Polyamide & 30% Cotton
Format: Roll
Width: 145 cm (usable)

Weight: 210 gr/m2

Colour: 28 Colours Available

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