Air Cork

Air Cork is an innovative material combining a super fine layer of natural cork with lightweight polyester.


Air Cork has earned its name because it is as light as a feather, despite being composed of two materials laminated together. The polyester backing not only helps to make it waterproof but also ensures it is easy to cut and sew, and perfect for all fashion and accessory applications. The natural cork surface gives it a unique aesthetic and aids the material’s waterproofness and durability, as well as being one of the world’s most eco-friendly raw materials.


Air Cork comes in a natural colour and is made from 70% natural cork and 30% polyester. It is sold on the roll, with a usable width of 140 cm with a thickness of only 0,5 mm.


Air Cork is an excellent choice for fashion, merchandising, window and accessory applications!


Air Cork is so fine the light can pass through it ...


Process family: Applied / Laminated
Composition: 70% Natural Cork & 30% Polyester
Format: Roll
Width: 140 cm (usable)

Thickness: 0,5 mm

Colour: Natural / Beige

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