Tinted is a classic roll-based material from the material library at American Supply, composed of 100% PVC.


Easy to manipulate, with a soft supple hand, and the possibility to order in large roll widths, our Tinted can be cut and sewn easily and has been used for outerwear, packaging and accessories, to give a retro-futuristic feel. Its fine weight and perfect translucent body allow the light to pass through, literally tinting everything around it. It is available in two widths, and many different standard colours, and comes with the possibility of a fluorescent edge, that can be brought to light in applications like embroidery, piping, edging or small accessories.


Tinted is composed of 100% PVC; one of the most widely used plastics in the world. As it is a mono-material, it can be easily recycled when it reaches the end of its life. PVC has the longest history of recycling amongst plastics and the most advanced level of mechanical recycling.


Tinted comes in many colours, with the possibility of fluorescent or non-fluorescent edging and it is sold in two roll widths, 132 cm and 65 cm, with a thickness of only 0,3 mm.


Tinted is an excellent choice for fashion, merchandising, window and accessory applications!


All photos of Tinted by Michel Azous

Tinted transmits light tinting the world around it in its colour ...


Process family: Extruded / Calendered
Composition: 100% PVC
Format: Roll
Width: 65 cm / 132 cm

Thickness: 0,3 mm

Colour: Various

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