PU Gel

American Supply is dedicated to providing eco-sustainable solutions and we have been instrumental in introducing Polyurethane (PU) to the luxury fashion industry. Our fluid PU Gel is an eco-friendly alternative to PVC that has become the go-to plastic choice in Haute Couture and Ready To Wear.


PU does not contain harmful chemicals, nor does it contribute to PH change in soil or water. With high durability, it has a long lifespan and can be recycled back to its prepolymer constituents, making its end-of-life more environmentally friendly as the minimal waste left is non-toxic to the environment.


PU Gel is breathable, sewable and can be heat soldered making it an excellent choice for all fashion and merchandising applications.

Our PU Gel has a seductive transparency which diffuses the light, coloring it, reducing shadows. It can be layered to reduce translucence and visibility, whilst enriching the colour.

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Process family: Extruded / Calendered
Composition: 100% Polyurethane
Format: Roll
Size: 130 cm width
Thickness: 0,30 mm
Color: Gray, Red & Clear


Available in 3 colors