Cracked Ice

With the holiday season in sight, our attention is turning to material evocations and festive feelings. Cracked Ice has a particular sound and hand that evokes a crisp Christmas morning! 


It’s textured 3D surface is facetted like that of a frozen lake: fractured and shattered, fragile and glistening. The light reflects on its facets, revealing it’s form and enhancing it’s gloss metallic aspect. Made from 100% Polyester and super lightweight, with a thickness of only 0.03mm, it is perfect for scenography or merchandising solutions and is sold on the roll with a width of 120cm. 


Cracked Ice can be printed, panelled, used in inclusion, suspension or to add a unique textural shine to any application. 

The iridescent transparent iteration resembles the wings of
a magical dragonfly!

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Process family: Relief / 3D Effect
Composition: 100% Polyester
Format: Roll (7m)
Size: 118 cm width
Thickness: 0,03 mm
Color: Available in 16 colors