Coco Rub

Our quest for innovation focuses on sustainable materials. This month, we present a new eco-innovative product in our collection, Coco Rub.


Composed of natural coconut fibers and natural latex, it is 100% sustainable. The coconut fibres used are a bi-product of the food industry, taken from the outer husk of the coconut which is usually a waste product. The latex used is natural and has a minimal impact on the environment during harvesting, manufacturing and recycling making it fully renewable.


Coco Rub is lightweight, with a thickness of 2.5 mm and can be thermoformed, making it perfect for scenography, packaging, or merchandising solutions. It is sold on the roll with a width of 150cm or 210cm.


Coco Rub's highly decorative surface retains the springiness of latex, making it comfortable and breathable, whilst the coconut fibres make it very strong. The material is sound absorbing, hypo-allergenic and highly adaptable.

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Process family: Pressed / Cast
Composition: Coconut fibers / Naturel Latex
Format: Roll
Size: 150 or 210 cm width
Thickness: 2,5 mm
Color: Natural