Sable is a fine-grain member of our eco-innovative family composed of projected minerals and mica on eco-paper. With a surface that resembles a finely combed beach or a flat desert plain in its natural iteration, it can give a touch of sustainable luxury to any project.


The possibilities of Sable’s subtle colour card augmented by the sparkling flecks of mica, can enhance any surface application. It is perfect for window backdrops, pop-up stores, photoshoots and packaging. Sold on the roll, with a width of 92cm, it is easily cut and applied.


Sable is eco-certified from raw material to production, and the Mica used comes from ethical sources, with a responsible supply chain.



Sable can be realised in bespoke colors to Pantone specificity, making it a perfect eco-innovative material to embody your identity.


Process family: Coated / Projected
Composition: Eco-paper and mica on a non-woven support
Format: Roll
Size: 92 cm width
Thickness: 0,90 mm
Color: Natural 

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